Long Line Sayagata Hoodie With Back Print

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Longer length zip up hoodie with sleeves slashed at the elbow and pointed at the wrist and with an ombre sayagata print to the lower sleeve. This hoodie also has the option of a sayagata printed or plain front pocket (plain pocket version not shown). The back hem is dipped with a spiked nautilus back print.

Models are wearing size M.

Available to pre order, approximate turnaround for dispatch 2-4 weeks, may be longer at busy times, if you require this in a rush please contact me via the form to ensure I can do this for you before you place your order.

New gender neutral streetwear collection designed by myself and Deryn Twelve. We created the silhouettes together, Deryn created the patterns and commissioned the stencils which we use to bleach spray the fabric pieces, they're then taken to my studio, washed and hand made into garments by me.

Due to the handmade and bleach sprayed nature of this garment pieces may vary to some small degree from the one shown in regards to the way the bleaching develops.

Size charts will be updated soon, in the mean time feel free to message me for measurements.