Lucky Dip Snood

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Lucky dip snoods, you can choose the size only, the design is random and not guaranteed. If you would rather know what you’re getting you would be better ordering the other snood I offer. Limited run of just 6 as a test, if they’re successful I will add them as a pre order option.

Double layered snood with different designs on each side, all patterns created by Deryn Twelve. Some have a sayagata and some don’t. Model is wearing size XL, see below for measurements.

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New gender neutral streetwear collection designed by myself and Deryn Twelve. We created the silhouettes together, Deryn created the patterns and commissioned the stencils which we use to bleach spray the fabric pieces, they're then taken to my studio, washed and hand made into garments by me.

Due to the handmade and bleach sprayed nature of this garment pieces may vary to some small degree from the one shown in regards to the way the bleaching develops.

Models - Lil Alien Head

Small measures - Approx 40cm long, 28cm across laid flat/56cm circumference
Medium measures - Approx 40cm long 30cm across laid flat/60cm circumference
Large measures - Approx 40cm long 32cm across lad flat/64cm circumference
Extra Large measures - Approx 40cm long 34 cm across laid flat/68cm circumference